Robert Ménard: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a danger to democracy”

Robert Ménard: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a danger to democracy”

For Robert Ménard, we cannot do without this pension reform, but, he specifies, “it is not sufficient”. This reform, the various-right mayor of Béziers, guest this Sunday of “BFM Politique”, in partnership with Le Parisien – Today-in-France, would vote for it, but “death in the soul”. He would like the project to go further, in particular on the postponement of the legal age, “65 years, that did not shock me”, he says, but also on its very principle. “As long as we have not taken into account a form of capitalization to pay pensions, we will not solve the problem,” he believes.

Asked about Tuesday’s protests, he denounces the outbidding of the opponents of the text: “I am flabbergasted that the unions want to bring the French economy to its knees. It would be to harm the French and I don’t want to harm the French. Ménard finds the spectacle that was offered by the debates on the reform in the National Assembly and pound the blocking strategy of the Rogue. “Mélenchon, he stings, is a danger to democracy, he is a foolproof demagogy, ready to stop at nothing. He sets fire, he endangers what we have in common. »

Regarding the next municipal elections in Béziers, Ménard assures us that he will not be a candidate for his succession: “I was mayor for twelve years, that is enough. »

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