Roger Federer after his retirement: "Life goes on"

“Is there a particular moment that will remain etched in your memory?
Everything that happened after match point (smile). The game itself was special, but everything that happened after that was even more so. I didn't know what was going to happen, where I had to go, what was expected of me. And afterwards, looking around me, seeing everyone's emotion, it was even better, or worse, I don't know in fact. That's what I'll remember, people's emotion. And Rafa was one of them, I'm sorry.

You have had many matches with a lot of pressure but what was it like to come on the court for this one knowing that it was the end?
There were several phases today (Friday). At times I was terribly nervous, like before a grand final and then at times I completely forgot all about it because we were with the guys and we were joking. The last two days have been difficult, to say the least. But I managed to forget at times, to sleep well, to enjoy. And thanks to that, I'm going to have a better memory of what happened because if it had only been stress all along, it would have been too hard.

“I would have liked to spend an evening where I would not have had to take the microphone”

It was complicated to take the microphone at the end ?
That was the part that worried me the most. I would have liked to spend an evening where I would not have had to take the microphone. Because I know how hard it is for me when I'm emotional. It's happened to me several times before. But I remembered on the pitch how wonderful it was. It's not the end, life goes on. I'm healthy, I'm happy, everything is fine and it was just a moment to pass. It was obviously supposed to be like that. I was able to find a second wind and say all that I wanted I believe.

You said when announcing your retirement that it was your last appearance in ATP, what do you have in mind for the future, what kinds of matches?
The message I want to get across was that I wanted to continue to spread my passion for this sport and let the fans know that hopefully we will meet again on other stages somewhere in the world. I have no plans of where, how or when. All I know is that I'd love to play places I've never played before and thank the people who have supported me so much. »

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