Romane Dicko INSEP champion of the year

Before presiding over the evening of champions, the director general of INSEP Fabien Canu signed a two-year contract with Visa, the IOC’s global partner, in the afternoon. The banking services group will support the residents of the champion factory and offer them the opportunity to discover the professions related to digital payment networks. Visa will also sponsor twelve athletes, two of whom are already training at INSEP: the great hope of French athletics Sasha Zhoya and para-athlete Mandy François-Elie, triple medalist at the Paralympic Games in London, Rio and Tokyo.

For the other members of the team, we are listening to any athlete who would like to join us “said Romain Boisson, Managing Director of Visa France. The boss of INSEP has also signed a partnership contract with France Télévisions. The objective is to ” make known the fundamental role that INSEP plays with all athletes, hoping that many of them will win medals at the Paris Games “, explained Laurent-Eric Le Lay, sports director of France Télévisions.

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