Romelu Lukaku retrained with Belgium

Coach Roberto Martinez said on Thursday afternoon that Romelu Lukaku had returned to Belgium’s collective training. “We will see how he reacts (this Friday). There will be another session. Then the day before the game (Sunday against Morocco) too. If he is ready, he will be in the group, holder or on the bench. The decision will be made the day before the match. There are two aspects to consider. It’s a purely medical decision, first of all. If he is medically fit, it is easy to treat his injury. After that, it depends on how he feels. » Romelu Lukaku had injured his thigh before the start of the World Cup.

The Spanish coach then played down the anger of his best player Kevin De Bruyne late in the first half against Canada on Wednesday (1-0). “These are moments that can happen during matches, he detailed. It was just with Toby (Alderweireld and with his coach). They explained themselves. We let Canada do what it wanted. Our reaction in the second half was very good. Kevin has won a lot of titles. He knows what it takes to win. He’s the vice-captain. He understands the game. We have to find him when we have the ball. Each time it was the case against Canada, we created situations. His emotions are important to us. He knows he can make a difference, kill the opponent with his last pass, score if he receives the ball in certain positions. His frustration stemmed from there. He’s almost at 100 caps (95). He played big matches, big tournaments. This group has lived together for a long time. This is not a new situation for him. The players know each other. »

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