Romeo and Juliet on stage, they fall in love in real life

By Fanny Savard



Franco-American soprano Sandra Hamaoui and her fiancé tenor Benjamin Bernheim Instagram screenshot, Sandra Hamaoui / Edouard Brane

After playing the most famous of couples in Charles Gounod’s opera, tenor Benjamin Bernheim and soprano Sandra Hamaoui announce their engagement.

Romance in the world of opera. While they performed Romeo and Juliet in January in Montreux, Benjamin Bernheim and Sandra Hamaoui revealed their love on social networks. The 30-year-old soprano posted a photo of the couple taken in Paris with the caption: My fiance “fiancé who did the same on his Instagram account. Big names in opera then congratulated the couple, such as Lisette Oropesa or Ailyn Perez according to Clic Radio.

The mythical piece of william shakespeare will be played at the Bastille Opera from June 17 to July 15. This is the first time that the adaptation of Charles Gounod will be presented there. Tenor Benjamin Bernheim will play Romeo in 9 of the 15 performances offered, and Francesco Demuro will play in the others. Elsa Dreisig and Pretty Yende will alternate to play Juliette.

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