Roofs flew off, trees fell down… The southwest wind did not move!

Due to the southwest wind and heavy rain in the country, roofs were blown off and trees fell in some places. Trees blown down by the wind damaged some vehicles. Even walking became difficult.

Release: 08:29 – 26 November 2023 Updated:

Following the warnings made by Meteorology for days, the roofs of some buildings were blown off due to the storm, which increased its intensity in Istanbul. While those who went to Taksim Square had difficulty walking due to the storm, the waves rose meters on the coastline.


Those who went to Taksim Square had a hard time. Citizens, who got wet due to the rain, had difficulty walking due to the storm. Due to the storm, meters high waves occurred on the coastline, especially on the Üsküdar coast. Despite the rain and storm, it did not go unnoticed that some citizens were walking on the beach.


The storm that hit Silivri in the early hours of the morning had a negative impact on life.

Following the waves rising meters high in the sea, the workplaces on the beach were flooded. Trees fell down due to the storm. Damaged fishing boats were pulled to shore.


In Istanbul, sheet metal broke off from the roofs of a building in Kağıthane Talatpaşa District Semavi Street and a building in Pendik Çınardere District Akay Street and fell onto the street. Material damage occurred to some parked vehicles due to falling parts.

A tree fell on a luxury car parked in Ankara. The fallen tree was cut down by municipal teams and removed from the car. There was damage to the car.

The southwest wind that started in the morning hours in Bursa had a negative impact on life. The southwest wind, which increased its effect throughout the night, caused a tree to break off from its roots and fall on the road, while in İnegöl District, the roof of a house flew about 100 meters away and fell onto the side street.

In Denizli, the broken branches of a tree fell on electrical wires and parked vehicles, and 2 vehicles were damaged.

There was a power outage in the region. (AA-DHA)

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