RS debt grows 8.7% and reaches more than R$ 93 billion in 2022

The State Treasury launched, this Friday (12), in the auditorium of the Unisinos campus, in Porto Alegre, the Rio Grande do Sul Public Debt Annual Report for 2022. The document shows that the Rio Grande do Sul debt balance do Sul reached BRL 93.6 billion in 2022, which corresponds to an increase of 8.7% compared to the previous year, an increase due, according to the Finance Department (Sefaz), mainly due to the growth of the correction index currency. The information is from Secom do Estado.

According to the report, the State’s funded public debt currently consists of 17 loan agreements. Among these, nine come from national operations (domestic debt) and eight, international (external debt), in addition to installments of social security debts, other social contributions and precatorios.

The ratio between Net Consolidated Debt (NCD) and Net Current Revenue (RCL) reached the level of 199% last year, approaching the limit of 200%. The increase is a reflection of the impacts of Complementary Law 194/22, approved by the National Congress, which limited the general ICMS rate to 17% for fuel, communication and electricity, causing a drop of R$ 3.04 billion in State revenue. in 2022.

The effective service of the public debt, which comprises the payment of interest, amortizations and commissions on loans, reached the amount of R$ 881 million in 2022. Compared to the previous year, there was a nominal drop of 4.9%. The sum of payments to the Union was R$ 635 million, which represents 73% of the State’s disburts. If there were no Tax Recovery Regime (RRF), ordinary debt payments would have been R$ 4.8 billion last year.

Regarding commitments with precatories, the State paid R$ 800 million in the previous year, a growth of 15.5% compared to 2021. The stock of the balance of precatories experienced an increase of 8%, reaching the amount of R $ 16.5 billion, an increase that is related to the monetary correction index, linked to the Selic rate. There was also an increase in disburts via the Conciliation Chamber, which went from R$ 202.7 million in 2021 to R$ 364.5 million last year – an increase of 80%.

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