RSA: the France Labor bill will provide for sanctions, confirms Borne

This is one of the measures planned by the government on the employment front. Elisabeth Borne confirmed this Saturday, during her trip to Reunion, that France Labor bill would provide for “penalties” for RSA beneficiaries who do not comply with the “accompaniment” course on returning to work.

“We must continue to aim for the levers to allow everyone to return to a job. This is all the more important in a context where we know that there are a lot of companies looking to recruit and who say they can’t,” said Elisabeth Borne during a press briefing at the his third day on the island.

“At the same time, a bill will be presented in early June to the Council of Ministers. We want to give ourselves all the capabilities to get the local missions, the county council, the region, which is responsible for training job seekers, to work together. We are mobilizing all our forces to support the beneficiaries of the RSA as well as possible, ”she continued, after visiting the Pôle emploi agency in the town of Saint-Leu-les Trois Bins, where she signed the State- department on France Travail experimentation with the president of the department, Cyrille Melchior.

“Preliminary problems” to be solved

And “indeed, I confirm that in the bill, there will be the possibility of suspending, for a short period perhaps to start” the allowances. “In any case, there will also be a system of sanctions as soon as we have accomplished, on our side, our share of responsibility, that is to say that we have put the beneficiary of the RSA in a position to follow the course offered to him. This possibility of sanction will intervene as soon as “we will have settled the other preliminary problems”, the “peripheral brakes” on return to workshe said, citing in particular the problem of childcare.

Reunion is one of the 18 departments – and the only one overseas – which will experiment with the France Travail project, intended to reorganize employment and integration services. Initially in the list, the department of Seine-Saint-Denis withdrewexplaining that they refuse the logic of “conditionality of aid” from the government.

Previously, on Saturday morning, Elisabeth Borne had gone to the Belvedere of Maïdo, and visited the Observatory of Atmospheric Physics of Reunion. She then went to the adapted military service regiment of Saint-Pierre where she exchanged with volunteers. The Prime Minister completes her first trip overseas this Saturday evening, a year after her appointment to Matignon.

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