“Rurality is not a thing of the past”, chef Pierre Gagnaire on the list of the boss of European hunters

From Michelin stars to the stars of the European flag. Internationally renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire will appear on the list of the president of the French hunters federation Willy Schraen in the European elections in June 2024, he indicated Tuesday evening in New York to “defend” an “endangered rurality”. The restaurateur, crowned with three stars in the Michelin Guide, specified by confirming information from Le Point magazine that it would be in the “not eligible” position on the “Rural Alliance” list which should be launched in France on December 6.

Pierre Gagnaire was speaking on the sidelines of the promotion in New York of Tran Anh Hung’s film on gastronomy, “The Pion of Dodin Bouffant”, for which he was a culinary advisor and which is due to represent France at the Oscars in 2024 under the title “The Taste of Things”. The 73-year-old leader ures that the “Rural Alliance” list is “a completely apolitical movement, obviously”.

“I am apolitical, but I want to defend the quality and traditions of a territory that built us, France,” Pierre Gagnaire told Le Point. “Their rurality is not old-fashioned, it is not a frozen France. Of course we should not ignore the present times and climate issues, but this culture is important. We must not screw everything up,” continued the mentor of Top Chef.

Pierre Gagnaire, alongside the president of the National Federation of Hunters, intends to “defend rurality in its entirety (…) with the concern of protecting nature, hunting, our culture”, he ured AFP . It’s about “defending our territory, know-how, everything related to gastronomy,” insists this international star of French cuisine, who has his main restaurant in Paris and others notably in Aix-en- Provence, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo.

“To eat you have to kill. Kill a vegetable, kill a flower, unfortunately”

“To eat you have to kill. Killing a vegetable, killing a flower, unfortunately,” the culinary genius explained. “I am only a cook and modestly in my little place I just say be careful there is a form of rurality that is in danger”

The native of Apinac, in the Loire, set two conditions for his participation on the list for the defense of rurality and terroirs: that his “always friend”, according to Le Point, the boss of French bull breeders Robert Margé , take part. And there are no political leaders or labels there.

The “Rural Alliance” list will be “not a hunting list, nor a political list”, an advisor to Willy Schraen indicated at the beginning of November, with 81 candidates making up “a patchwork of all facets of the rural world” (doctor, nurse, ociation leader, business manager) but “very few hunters”.

On the far right, the vice-president of the National Rally Sébastien Chenu had criticized this pro-hunting list in the making, accusing it of being “pushed behind the scenes by Emmanuel Macron” in order to try to “steal 1%” to RN candidates.

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