Russia: Chechen leader Kadyrov calls rumors about his state of health “lies”

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a loyal ally of Vladimir Putin in Russia, published an undated video of himself this Sunday, describing as “lies” the rumors circulating about his deteriorating state of health.

On Friday, information from the Ukrainian press, citing sources within the Chechen diaspora and confirmed to the media “Obozrevatel” by Ukrainian intelligence, indicated that Ramzan Kadyrov, unfailing supporter of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, was in a coma , ” seriously ill.

“I strongly advise everyone who cannot distinguish truth from lies on the Internet to take some fresh air, to put their minds in order,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in response on Sunday in a message accompanying a short video selfie tour.

Smiling, he looks at the camera even though observers noticed that his face was visibly swollen. “The rain is wonderfully invigorating,” the Chechen leader added in writing, hooded on his head in the video, standing along a walking path. No official communication has been made at this stage by the Kremlin on the state of health of Kadyrov, in power since 2007 in Chechnya, a small Russian republic with a Muslim majority in the Caucasus.

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