Russian military bloggers report on those killed in the attack on the Kursk airfield

During the attack of the Ukrainian drone on the Halino airfield in Kursk on September 24, Russian soldiers were killed, Russian pro-military bloggers reported. The Russian authorities did not officially announce the strike.

The blow was struck, presumably, in the morning, when Kursk was celebrating City Day. The Russian authorities reported an attack on an administrative building in the center of the city and the operation of air defense in an unnamed area. There were no reports about the airfield. The publication “Baza”, without specifying the sources, reported that the drone tried to attack the fuel tanks in Halina. It was claimed that there were no victims.

In the evening, in the military blog Fighterbomber, which covers the work of the Russian military aviation during the invasion of Ukraine, condolences appeared in connection with the events in Halina, their essence was not revealed. Blogger Borys Rozhin, without specifying the source, said that the Russian military was killed in the attack on the airfield. It follows from the bloggers’ messages that the Russians were killed by the explosion of an already shot down or fallen drone.

Sources of RBC-Ukraine in Ukrainian military intelligence claim that the drone was planted by Russian EW on the runway and exploded when the leadership of the air regiment based at the base and FSB officers came to inspect it.

According to the source, at least six people could have been killed or wounded in the explosion: the commander of the 14th aviation regiment, one of his deputies, a group of pilots, a representative of military counterintelligence and airfield workers. The parties to military conflicts tend to exaggerate their successes, the information does not lend itself to operational verification.

  • The airfield in Kursk is jointly used by military and civil airlines. The civil airport has been closed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

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