Russian Sherpa called the G20 summit in India one of the most difficult in history

The G20 summit in New Delhi became one of the most difficult in the entire history of the group, but the collective position of the BRICS countries worked, Russian Sherpa in the G20 Svetlana Lukash said at a press conference.

“This was probably one of the most difficult G20 summits in the almost 15-year history of the forum at the leader level. It took almost 20 days to agree on the declaration,” she said.

According to her, this is due not only to disagreements on the Ukrainian topic, but also to differences in positions on all key issues – primarily on the topic of climate change and the transition to low-carbohydrate energy systems.

“On the Ukrainian issue there were very difficult negotiations and, above all, the collective position of the BRICS countries and other partners probably worked. Half of the G20 refused to interpret events in the interests of how the West presents them,” Lukash said.

The G20 countries agreed to act in a unified manner in “the interests of peace, security and conflict resolution around the world,” added the Russian G20 Sherpa.

“This is another important point, because the West has consistently imposed the idea that it is the Ukrainian conflict that is now provoking all the crises in the world, completely ignoring that around the world there are a number of unresolved situations, hot spots that were previously ignored by the G20 “, and in many other formats,” she emphasized, adding that this year the G20 “turned a certain page of history” and the voice of the developing world “sounded in full force.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi previously announced the adoption of a final declaration at the summit in New Delhi. On September 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the G7 countries are putting pressure on India, wanting to reflect unilateral approaches on the situation around Ukraine in the final documents of the G20 summit.

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