Saïd Ennjimi on the goal awarded to Hakimi during PSG-Ajaccio: “Mbappé does not take advantage of an immediate advantage”

When we had just spent half an hour of play at the Parc des Princes on Saturday evening, after a cross from Sergio Ramos to the left of the surface, Bernat – in one touch – from the inside of the left foot stored the ball at the entrance of 16.5 meters in the axis. Mbappé controlled it with his belly then his right elbow to chain a feint shot from the left with a shot from the right. Sollacaro deflected to his left where Hakimi followed to score with a right foot.

Questioned by the VAR, Mr. Gaillouste, the referee of the meeting, hastened to review the images to judge the gesture of the French international. Her decision ? The validation of the goal of PSG (2-0, 33rd).

The Ajacciens, furious, asked him for an explanation but the game quickly restarted. For the consultant of the chain L’Équipe, Saïd Ennjimi, it is well refereed: “I agree with Mr. Gaillouste’s decision. For me, there is no increase in the surface of the body on the one hand and then on the other hand, the laws of the game are clear: when the player, in this case Mbappé on this action, scores directly after a control with the elbow or the arm, even if it is not off the body, we must cancel the goal but in this situation, it is not Mbappé who scores, it is Hakimi, explains the ex-referee. It changes everything.

“I agree with the referees”

I don’t feel the attacker has an immediate advantage. The ball bounces to his chest and then to his elbow but he doesn’t have an immediate advantage. It’s a teammate who scores. I think that’s what the referees considered. So I agree with them. The immediacy not being acquired, since it does not mark, we come back to the notion of the enlargement of the surface of the body: and it does not enlarge its surface in an unnatural way. »

Saïd Ennjimi would also have allowed Hakimi's goal.  (Capture Free.)

Saïd Ennjimi would also have allowed Hakimi’s goal. (Capture Free.)

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