Saint-Brevin: the resigning mayor, who denounces the inaction of the State, will be received by Borne

The mayor of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique), Yannick Morez (DVD), who resigned after being targeted by arson and far-right threats, will be in Paris on Wednesday. He must be heard by the Senate Law Commission at 11:15 a.m., and will be received by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

“I will meet the mayor of Saint-Brévin next Wednesday,” she said. this Sunday in the JDD. “If we have been insufficiently reactive, we will mobilize more to protect elected officials in the face of the increase in violence”, ured the Prime Minister, while the mayor had deplored a “lack of support from the State” at the time of his resignation, a grievance he reiterated on Saturday.

The home of Yannick Morez was burned down in March, in connection with the hotly contested move near a nursery school of a reception center for asylum seekers existing since 2016 in this commune of Loire-Atlantique.

“No, the state did not stand by my side”

In response to a tweet from the Minister of Communities, Dominique Faure, who ured her of her support, the city councilor replied: “No, Madam Minister, the State did not stand by my side”. ” After the attack on my homeI wrote to the sub-prefect (…) asking for the deployment of reinforced protection to protect me and my family, ”explained the former mayor in a press release.

“The sub-prefect replied to me on April 13 (…) telling me that a risk essment was going to be carried out”, then after a “reminder by email on April 25 (…) I was answered (… ) that this risk essment was still ongoing. She still is, ”he regretted further.

VIDEO. Saint-Brévin mayor resigns after arson attack and lack of state support

In his message, Yannick Morez also reacted to comments by the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Fabrice Rigoulet-Roze, who indicated that the prefecture organized “public meetings, exchanges, consultation” around the project of transfer of a reception center for asylum seekers (Cada) in the commune, which led to tensions and threats. “The State has never wanted to communicate on this project, which nevertheless depends on its competence. It was therefore the city that announced it (September 2021), communicated, carried, defended”, denounced Yannick Morez.

It is not certain, in the light of what Yannick Morez denounces, that the government’s response is sufficient. Dominique Faure will launch next week a Center for the analysis and fight against attacks on elected officials, confirmed Élisabeth Borne, a structure which “will make it possible to better coordinate the response of all the actors concerned: police, justice, prefect”. “We want to analyze, map, understand. After that, we will be able to take preventive measures, ”defended Dominique Faure on Saturday morning on RMC. And the head of government also confirms the coming strengthening of “sanctions against those who attack elected officials”, she promised.

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