Saint-Ouen welcomes a school dedicated to series writing

Published on Nov 25, 2023 at 11:53

After the first two years of “nomadic” existence, the Nouvelles Ecritures school settled in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). The ociation, which provides free training for the profession of series scriptwriter and the various skills needed on a film set, has just inaugurated its 300 square meters of permanent premises near the famous flea market.

Its two training courses will now take place there: the historic one for series screenwriter over nine months, accessible by selection but without prerequisites, as well as The Factory of the Series. Currently completing the course of her first cl, she teaches young people who are far from employment and who do not have a baccalaureate almost all of the cinema professions, from script writing to management through framing. She then supports them in their professional integration.

300 square meters to develop

Founded in 2021 in Paris, in the Radio Nova studios, Nouvelles Ecritures then welcomed its second promotion at the Cité du Cinéma in Saint-Denis. But with the 2024 Olympic Games approaching, and while the institution created by Luc Besson will be requisitioned to serve as a canteen for athletes, the school had to move again.

Rather than seeing it as a constraint, its founder and director Sophie Mougin ures that “it was the right time! We have grown a lot in two years, and now needed a large space that was truly ours. And we found it in a city that resembles us: in full development and which has great social diversity. »

Indeed, while these previous premises were loaned free of charge, the new 300 square meter site is rented by Semiso, a mixed economy company in the commune of Saint-Ouen. A new charge made affordable by the rapid rise of the ociation. In addition to being authorized to collect the balance of the apprenticeship tax (part of which is paid by employers to the schools of their choice), it also has several renowned patrons. The Elephant production group, TikTok and the Arte group financially support the ociation.

France 2030 winner

It is also subsidized by the Ile-de-France Region and since May has been the winner of the Grande Fabrique de l’Image call for projects (for the audiovisual sector) of the France 2030 plan. It will finance over three years a doubling of the capacity for formation of New Scriptures.

If she does not reveal her current budget, Sophie Mougin hopes to “reach within a year and a half a cruising speed slightly above one million euros per year”. She plans to develop her activity around Saint-Ouen, in particular the number of discovery sessions of the profession with high school and college students.

A desire shared by Karim Bouamrane, mayor (PS) of the town. “Saint-Ouen is becoming a city that democratizes access to culture and excellence,” he ures. And to remind that Nouvelle Ecritures joins a list of establishments leaving for Saint-Ouen, which continues to grow: the Audencia business school, the Tony Parker Academy or even Paris-Cité University in the future university hospital campus .

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