Saint Patrick´s Day moves the Fourth District of Porto Alegre on Friday

Saint Patrick´s Day moves the Fourth District of Porto Alegre on Friday

The second edition of Saint Patrick’s Day in the Fourth District, next Friday (17), expects to exceed the public of 2022, when 18 thousand people visited the bars and restaurants in the region. This year, the organizers expect to double the number of people celebrating the date in establishments, which will have a special program.

There will be more than 100 thousand liters of beer distributed in 150 taps. “The traditional green beer, which is already known as the party’s trademark, adds to the variety of special beers made in the breweries of the Fourth District”, says Diego Araújo, one of the organizers of the event and who is in charge of AOG Pub.

The party, characterized by the green decoration and products, takes place from 5 pm to midnight and has free admission. The programming inside the bars will have the most diverse musical genres on the 17th, reinforced by the theme songs of the party. Araújo recalls that Saint Patrick’s Day in the Fourth district has been celebrated for years by bars in the region, but it was in 2022 that the official celebration began to be held in the neighborhood, in a joint effort between the city hall and Quartopoa with local bars and entrepreneurs.

This year, changes were implemented to improve the space and consumer experiences, offering more points of sale, chemical toilets and selective collection, which will have waste separation and recycling. Roads in the region will be blocked for the party to take place (see list of blocked roads below).

According to the organizers, Porto Alegre has the second largest festival in honor of the saint in Brazil, second only to Belo Horizonte. Increasingly traditional, the celebration is an official event, as determined by the City Hall of the Capital.

Araújo celebrates the gradual increase in the number of visitors to the Fourth District. “We realized that now people are more confident in going to busier places. The pandemic period was cruel for all establishments and those in the 4th District were no different. The resumption has been very solid, mainly because the bars in the 4th District form a family where they support each other, and from time to time we create and offer events in the region, thus bringing news to the regulars”, highlights the entrepreneur.

Check the traffic changes in the Fourth District region on 03/17:

– Álvaro Chaves (from Voluntários to Farrapos);

– Counselor Travassos (from Álvaro Chaves to São Pedro);

– Conselheiro Camargo (from Beco do Agulha to São Pedro);

– Moura Azevedo (Volunteers to Santos Dumont);

– Santos Dumont (from Almirante Barroso to Almirante Tamandaré, from Moura Azevedo to Poland, without blocking São Pedro);

– Poland (from Santos Dumont to São Paulo, halfway to Real ****ing Burger).

Some bars with a confirmed schedule on Saint Patrick’s Day:

  • AOG Pub
  • Cube Cia Cervejeira
  • munchies
  • auma bar
  • wide
  • Brava Space
  • Sole
  • Yerbah
  • escape
  • Cortex
  • 4Beer
  • wickedness
  • Bodoque
  • Real ****ing Burger
  • Alcapone
  • Offertory
  • bar corner
  • Vintage
  • Our Tap Room
  • Jardim Sao Geraldo
  • Patrimony
  • D128

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