Sainte-Soline: “Nothing is more draconian” than civil disobedience, believes Éric Dupond-Moretti

“Freedom is obedience to the common law”. This sentence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau that Éric Dupond-Moretti quoted, what would he have said when he was still a lawyer? The Minister of Justice launched this Thursday morning in a fierce charge in front of deputies. “I’m fed up with this little music of civil disobedience. We know where it comes from. It is claimed ”, he was annoyed during his hearing by the commission of the National embly which is investigating the violence committed during the demonstrations last spring, in particular in Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres). “We have the right, say some, when we carry a legitimate cause, to no longer obey the law. It’s hellish, “said the Keeper of the Seals, judging that” nothing is more liberticidal “than this opinion.

Civil disobedience consists of a group of people publicly refusing to obey a rule considered unjust or illegitimate. It is in principle non-violent. The right to civil disobedience is notably claimed by the environmental collective Les Uprisings of the Earth (SLT), whose dissolution, decreed by the government, was recently suspended by the Council of State.

On March 25, nearly 8,000 people came to demonstrate in Sainte-Soline against the mega-basin project, despite ban on protest. The day gave rise to violent clashes with the police, deployed in large numbers for fear of the creation of a ZAD, in particular gendarmes in quads equipped with defense ball launchers (LBD). Since then, the versions have diverged between representatives of the State and protesters.

“When we are not happy with the government’s inaction in terms of ecology, can we go and smash works of art? he wondered. Evoking “hordes of guys who don’t respect anything”, who “crossed Europe” to demonstrate in Sainte-Soline against a mega-basin construction site. “I am very shocked by that”, he insisted before evoking the recent degradations of the court of Aurillac by demonstrators.

“If we are respectful of our democracy, we must refrain from this laissez-faire, this scandalous music saying: But you’re right, go ahead, smash everything, you have the right “, Continued the Keeper of the Seals, accusing” arsonists in the political world “.

The “arsonists” of the far left responsible, for the Keeper of the Seals

When a member of the National Rally (RN) asked him to specify who he was targeting, the minister replied “the far left”. “To people who think that we have tipped over into liberticide, I invite them to take a short trip abroad. Must stop telling these salads (…) Must stop telling this bullshit. It’s unbearable,” he said indignantly.

On Wednesday, a delegation of eight members of the commission of inquiry went to Sainte-Soline. The deputies of the Nupes who are part of it were not on the trip, because of already busy schedules or because they expected nothing from this visit to the field, according to The Parliamentary Channel.

The commission is hearing this Thursday afternoon several union officials, in particular Marylise Léon (CFDT) and Sophie Binet (CGT) on the excesses during the demonstrations against the pension reform. She is due to submit her report in a few weeks. She will also hear, on September 23, former Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

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