Sales in Rio Grande do Sul’s commerce have the third biggest increase in the country in July

O Commerce in Rio Grande do Sul had the third best sales performance in the country in July. The Monthly Commerce Survey, released this Friday (15) by IBGE, showed that segments from supermarkets to pharmacies, furniture and clothing (called restricted retail) sales volume increased by 2.1% compared to June. Extended retail, with vehicles, construction materials and cash and carry, rose 3.9%.

The country showed an increase of 0.7% in the volume sold of the restricted axis, and the expanded axis advanced 0.3% in the country. In June, the restricted axis had increased almost zero, 0.1%, in June.

In the segments, it is interesting to highlight the increase in fabrics, clothing and footwear, of 3.5% in sales volume, compared to July 2022. Furniture and household appliances increased by 5.7%. Supermarkets sold 5.4% more, but fuels and lubricants were negative, with a drop of 12.9%.

In the broader sense, vehicles, motorcycles, parts and pieces saw a significant increase of 10.9%. As for construction materials, they closed July with a decline of 0.9%. Wholesale stores, which rose 7.5% in June, saw a 1% drop in sales.

In the country, the accumulated result for the year, compared to the same period of the previous year, registered an increase of 1.5%. In the last 12 months, the volume of sales in commerce accumulated an expansion of 1.6%. Compared to July 2022, the same month this year saw an increase of 2.4%, the second consecutive month in this comparison.

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