Samsung presents new portfolio of Smart TVs and Soundbars in Brazil

A samsung announced this week the new portfolio of Smart TVs It is Soundbars in Brazil. The new features include new and updated Neo QLED 8K and 4K models, the unprecedented Samsung OLED and the news of the QLED and Crystal UHD 4K lines. The brand still performs a promotion launch with different gifts for customers.

The strategy with the new products, according to Samsung, is to connect with Brazilians and be the main choice regardless of the particularity of each consumer.

The objective is to offer the pinnacle of technology, in the Neo QLED 8K, for those looking for modernity and image perfection; Gaming TV, for those interested in performance and games; The Neo QLED 4K Or the Samsung OLED, for a cinema experience, with a screen of greater brightness and contrast; the Lifestyle category encompes TVs for all profiles and styles; while and the lines QLED It is Crystal UHD offer functions, design and experiences previously only found on specified TVs.

“In 2023, we push the boundaries of innovation and the breadth of our portfolio, offering all of today’s main types of panels – including, in an unprecedented way, the Samsung OLED TV. In total, there will be 16 series with different inches, with more half are made up of televisions of 65 inches and above, due to the strong demand for large screens”, says Guilherme Campos, director of the TV and Audio division of Samsung Brazil.

Consumers who choose to purchase one of the new models will be able to choose one of three different gifts from the brand which, depending on the category, can be a The Serif TV, a Q930 Soundbar or The Freestyle Portable Smart Projector

Focus on sustainability

By 2050, Samsung is committed to meeting electricity needs with renewable energy and zero net carbon emissions. The company still has plans to use 100% renewable energy by 2027 and, by 2030, expand the electronic waste collection system, which is currently present in 50 countries, to around 180 nations.

The brand highlights as one of the examples of this search for sustainability the new format of the solarcell remote control of Smart TVs, which accompany all new models of the brand, was 25% smaller, using less plastic in manufacturing. The controller is made from 24% recycled plastic and can be recharged by sunlight, indoor lighting, USB or radio frequency.

The change in format took place in 2021 and has since avoided the disposal of millions of batteries per year. Samsung opened the source code of the technology so that other companies can create their own initiatives focused on preserving the environment.

Another initiative aimed at preserving the environment is the eco exchange. The program allows consumers to exchange their devices such as TVs, washers, washing and drying machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers and monitors for discount vouchers at Samsung’s online store. The products can be of any brand, year of release or condition. To make the exchange, just access the official website of the brand and schedule the collection of the device at your home.

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