Samuel Étienne resigns from the morning of Franceinfo, but keeps the animation of “Questions for a champion”

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Samuel Etienne leaves Franceinfo Gorini-Nebinger

VIDEO – The host has decided to lighten his schedule, but will still face general knowledge game candidates on France 3.

A new episode in transfer window season. While he hosted the morning of Franceinfo since 2017, Samuel Étienne decided to lighten his schedule. Animating a morning is like getting up at dawn. After six years of daily presence on the Channel 27 channel, the host has tendered his resignation, according to The Parisian .

Leaving Franceinfo does not mean that the host divorces from France Télévisions. Indeed, Samuel Étienne keeps the animation of “Questions for a champion” broadcast in the afternoon on France 3. He had succeeded in 2016 to Julien Lepers, who comes to lose in court against France Télévisions. The one who had hosted the general knowledge game for 28 years claimed 3.4 million euros from the producer of the show for a “discrimination” age related. Samuel Étienne attracts an average of 1.32 million loyal viewers, or 13.1% of individuals aged four and over.

The morning war

For the time being, the name of the person who will replace Samuel Étienne for the next season is not known. The morning of Franceinfo hopes to revive audiences at the start of the school year since it represents only 0.7% of the audience share in May. Opposite it, BFMTV which remains the leading news channel in this time slot with 2.9% of PDA, followed by LCI which shows a score of 2.2%, tied with CNews.

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The TF1 group’s LCI channel hopes to climb to the top step of the podium next year after having debauched Jean-Baptiste Boursierpresent on BFMTV since 2020. LCI is determined to “evolve the weekday morning show to an even more in-depth format, with greater emphasis on expertise, to further mark our difference and our positioning”as Fabien Namias, deputy general manager of LCI, declares in a press release.

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