San Marino ends 18-game losing streak against Seychelles

For the first time since November 2020, San Marino finished a match without having lost it, Wednesday evening against Seychelles (0-0) in a friendly. But facing the smallest country in Africa, the republic landlocked in Italian territory, which remained on 18 consecutive defeats, failed to win the second meeting in its history. His first victory dates back to 2004, in a friendly match against Liechtenstein (1-0).

Since then, the country of 33,000 inhabitants has not won in 124 meetings, including that of Wednesday evening. The latter almost did not take place since the Seychellois, who have not won since 2016 and a CAN qualifying match against Lesotho, had logistical problems to reach Europe.

San Marino, which faced a non-European country for the second time in its history, will face Estonia on Monday in their last Nations League match. Beaten in the first leg by its future opponent and twice by Malta, "La Serenissima" is last in its group, made up of three teams.

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