Sandrine Gruda: “If I were president of the Federation, I would have let Marine Johannès go for a week”

“Do you enjoy finding Insep, the French team, after having missed the World Cup in particular?
I haven’t missed it yet (she laughs). I’m coming out of a tunnel of matches, I’m a little tired, there’s no shortage of competition. It’s always a pleasure to find faces. But there is no special emotion in being here.

What do you think of all theMarine Johannes case ?
She is one of my teammates at Asvel, I play with her all year round. That’s it for me (she laughs). More seriously, it’s a special situation, both parties have their reasons, which are fair. Both for her to want to secure a foothold in the WNBA and for the France team to form a group very early with key players. I respect everyone’s choices, everything is audible.

There is a difference made between boys and girls, do you find that unfair?
Is it annoying? It is a choice that we must accept. Personally, I would have liked to rest for a few days, but that was refused. I accepted the direction taken.

If you were president of the French Federation, what decision would you have taken?
If I was president of the French Federation, without judgement, I respect and accept, I would have let Marine go for a week, I would have taken her back to the group right after. For me it’s the idea of ​​having all the forces in force. Once again I understand Aimé Toupane’s positioning, with a short preparation, he needs to make a clear choice, there are issues. He needs to prepare. I understand both parties.

“There are many areas where I would like this to evolve. But this question is not in my top 3”

This case is not news to you?
I play with Marine at Asvel, I was kept informed instantly, it is not a subject for us players.

Between the privileges for boys, not valid for girls, would you like this to change?
Do I hope for it? There are many areas where I would like this to evolve. But this question is not in my top 3. There are plenty of inequalities. It wouldn’t be my priority.

With the absence of Gabby Williamsdoes this not affect the ambitions of the France team?
You have to ask the coach, he is the one who sets the goals. Absentees can be a source of motivation. This was our case in the final with Asvel when Gabby was absent. Let’s not forget that we are defending the colors of France, with the players present. »

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