Sandrine Rousseau claims to have received the testimony of an accuser of Julien Bayou

The national secretary of the Europe Ecology - The Greens (EELV) party, Julien Bayou, during a debate on the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), during the

While La France insoumise (LFI) is shaken by the Quatennens casefeminist activists raised, on Monday, September 19, their questions – even accusations – against the national secretary of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Julien Bayoususpected of gender-based violence.

At the origin of this debate, an interpellation of the environmentalist party by the feminist movement #NousToutes Monday at the end of the day on the social network Twitterand relayed by several left-wing activists. “Hello EELV, the VSS cell [violences sexistes et sexuelles] was seized in July after accusations of violence committed by Julien Bayou on his ex-girlfriend”begins by recalling the tweet, which continues: “How do we make sure that the activists are safe? No action seems to have been taken, why? »embellished with the hashtag #ReleveFeministe.

Asked about this in the program "C à vous", on France 5, devoted in part to domestic violence, the ecologist deputy Sandrine Rousseau reported having received at her home "very long"but without specifying a date, "the ex-girlfriend of Julien Bayou". "I think there are behaviors that are likely to break the moral health of women"added the former spokesperson for EELV.

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"It's one of the questions that will come to the table"

According to the finalist in the environmental primary for the 2022 presidential election, the woman whose testimony she collected “was in a very depressed state, she was in very bad shape”. “She also made a suicide attempt a few weeks later”she said again on France 5.

Always questioned about the deputy of Paris, Mme Rousseau said he had " heard only one testimony” personally. However, the ecofeminist slipped that the victims “are obviously many”, without saying more about the content of the information available to it. The chosen one added in the detour of a sentence that"a journalistic investigation seems to be underway".

The member had proposed at the beginning of July, in a grandstand at Worldto apply to parties the rules in force within companies, but also to create an independent body to examine testimonies, in order to get out of a "lawless zone".

Questioned by the moderator, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, to find out if the MP felt that Julien Bayou should withdraw from his responsibilities as Adrien Quatennens has just done at LFI by abandoning his function as coordinator of the "rebellious" party, the MP replied: "We'll see, step by step [Chaque chose en son temps]. "It's one of the questions that will come to the table" to the party, had nevertheless judged Sandrine Rousseau a few seconds earlier.

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“Do justice, without being justice”

The day after the declarations of Mme Rousseau, the communist Fabien Roussel – an ally within the New Popular Ecological and Social Union, but who regularly battles on social networks about the political line to defend – criticized the media outlet of the ex-spokesperson of EELV. “Should all of this be made public, as Sandrine Rousseau did? I have doubts about that."warned the former presidential candidate on Tuesday on BFM TV/RMC.

“There is a real difficulty, it is that we have to do justice without being justice, analyzed Fabien Roussel. Today we are asked, we are asked to the public, to be the prosecutors of these cases, to judge, and I think that it is not up to us to do it, it is up to justice "further estimated the deputy from the North, specifying: “What I want is for women to be protected, for them to feel safe. »

“We need to have a framework – rules – that allow us to know how we act”he insisted, adding that he wants women “know who they are talking to” and that there is " a method " which is triggered “if there is an inappropriate word, an inappropriate gesture”. Noting " a hole " existing, the deputy from the North called on the political parties to reflect together on a “framework of rules” internal institutions to deal with violence against women, through justice "specialized".

Limit of “full transparency”

Also on Tuesday morning LFI deputies defended themselves from having "procrastinated" on the withdrawal of their colleague Adrien Quatennens. To manage cases of gender-based violence, “we are trying to put mechanisms in place, it is not perfect”admitted the “rebellious” deputy, Clémentine Autain, during the back-to-school press conference of her political group in the Assembly, considering it necessary "to work further on these issues and perhaps in a transpartisan way".

Mme Autain, however, felt that it was necessary to recognize the "complexity" such situations, making it necessary to respect the presumption of innocence of the defendants, to take into account the human difficulty of dealing with the case of "comrades" or even respect for the victims.

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She also pointed out the limits of “total transparency”in reference to the statements the day before by the Green MP. “When I hear Sandrine Rousseau yesterday [dire] for example that the ex-companion of Julien Bayou that she received herself (…) attempted suicide, I don't know if this woman wants all of France to know that she attempted suicide"did she say.

“Independence” for EELV, “instrumentalization” for Bayou

For its part, the Green Party issued a press release Tuesday afternoonconfirming that the investigation and sanction unit on harassment and sexual and gender-based violence of EELV was seized in July 2022 for a "reporting" concerning Julien Bayou. “Several people have publicly expressed concern about the slowness of the investigation and possible political influence on this cell. We want to assure them of EELV's support for victims of gender-based and sexual violence. “, can we also read in this press release.

The party also holds "to reaffirm that the investigation and sanction unit must continue its work in complete independence and serenity" and announce that he "will follow the recommendations of the unit when they are brought to its attention".

As for Julien Bayou, who did not respond to requests from Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Monday evening, he had ensured at the beginning of July Figaro that he would be questioned by an internal party commission "as soon as possible on what in no way constitutes sexist or sexual violence or inappropriate behavior towards anyone".

“Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in suffering, and a break that comes with thinly veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore”, he added. The national secretary of EELV had mentioned “a resentment that she does not hide since she clearly wrote to me, three days after having seized the internal commission of EELV: “Worry. I will come back and strong. (…) The fall is going to be painful.” »

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