Santo Stefano Cadore, this is who the woman of the black Audi is. “I’m on holiday in Italy”. She had been sued for a hammer

“I’ve been on vacation for a while in Italy”: thus Angelika Hutter to the investigators who questioned her in the barracks on Thursday evening, “showing no signs of repentance or remorse” for what happened on Thursday afternoon. And indeed, the 31-year-old German accused of the multiple road homicide in via Udine in Santo Stefano, in the Dolomites, has been living and traveling by car for at least a couple of months. At the end of May, the complaint remedied in Bolzano for carrying offensive objects dates back: the forces of order had found a hammer in her backpack.

The South Tyrolean patrols had been called to the Twenty shopping center in Bolzano: the 32-year-old had entered the Media World store to buy something, but had a disagreement with a shop istant, who called “rescue”. On that occasion, she jumped out the hammer and the woman was denounced. Unemployed, with no fixed abode in Italy, Hutter lives in Deggendorf, a small town in Bavaria, Germany: she does not appear to be staying in any hotel in the area.

Tragedy of Santo Stefano Cadore, the surviving grandfather: “I wish I was dead”


He would live on expedients in what he described as “a tour” in the Belpaese, his Italian “holiday”. She came from Lower Bavaria: Deggendorf is a small town that has five or six thousand fewer inhabitants than Belluno. Having crossed Austria, the woman would have ped through Alto Adige, leaving the trail of some verbal intemperance, shortly before stopping in Santo Stefano. In her stages she would not have used hotel rooms or campsites. The Audi A3 was like a home. The woman appears to be the owner of the car and the presence of blankets and food, plastic bottles, even vegetables on the carpets, lead the investigators to believe that she had transformed that car into her home.

Family invested in Santo Stefano di Cadore. Here is the Audi at full speed and the noise of the macre

All objects that emerged on Thursday afternoon and yesterday, in what remains of the car’s penger compartment after the terrible accident. Food and objects were found in such quantities and of such a species as to make it clear that the 31-year-old ate and slept there during her travels.

Not an easy “character”, according to the short Italian past that is emerging with difficulty on the figure of the German tourist. Even on Boxing Day that black day of Thursday she had the opportunity to get noticed. On the afternoon of the macre, some residents noticed that Audi A3 near her stable, and saw and heard the woman cursing and yelling at someone.

Then Angelika Hutter allegedly got behind the wheel and took the road to via Udine, in the town center, where the macre of the Venetian family took place. This episode also ended up on the table of the carabinieri who are reconstructing an identikit of the thirty-one-year-old, who actually appeared a bit “strange”: in the barracks she did not speak Italian, an interpreter was needed to understand German, but she also seemed quite dissociated . Under observation of her her status, her psychological profile… she also cursed after the incident, but it is believed that she was picking on herself.

Taken from the Tribuna of Treviso

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