São João sets date to inaugurate mega CD and where 1,000 stores will be

São João sets date to inaugurate mega CD and where 1,000 stores will be

Two very relevant news for the fourth largest pharmacy chain in Brazil, which earned BRL 5.4 billion in 2022 and intends to reach BRL 6.7 billion this year. Rio Grande do Sul São João set the date for the inauguration of its second largest distribution center (DC), built in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre (RMPA), and also defined where and when store number 1,000 will open.

“It will be in the Restinga neighborhood. If you go there now on the ground, at the roundabout access to the neighborhood in the South zone, there is nothing, but a man will say that there will be a store there, they will find him a great conversationalist, but even the end of the month will be standing”, guaranteed the president of the chain, Pedro Henrique Brair, who was the attraction in a Federasul event this Friday morning (10), in the Capital.

Store number 1000 and CD will open on the same day: March 30th.

The speed is due to the construction permit in Porto Alegre, which is almost automatic for low and medium impact segments, such as pharmacies.

“It has huge support from the municipality, we will do it within the law, of course, but here there is fertile ground for those who want to undertake and generate economy, employment and income”, he praised, directing the merit to the city hall.

The distribution center, which cost R$ 205 million, according to Brair, will be one of the most modern in the south of Brazil – all automated, warned the president.

The gigantic enterprise is almost ready on the banks of the BR-290 (freeway), a little before Gravataí, in the Capital direction to the North Coast. But teams are working from Monday to Monday and even into the night, he said.

Brair spoke to the column Retail Minute and gave more information.

This year the chain is going to open 100 new stores, repeating, according to the brand’s main commander, the 2022 mark. The pace, he warns, remains strong. “We are going to inaugurate eight only in Paraná until the end of April”, he pointed out.

The small audience, made up of business leaders and entrepreneurs from different segments, applauded the founder of São João at various times.

Brair stood on a platform in the center and, as soon as he started, he warned that he was a “person of simple habits, I am simple and simple customs”.

Before that, he took his smartphone from one pocket of his jacket and the other his wallet, to leave on the table next to the chair and asked: “Can I leave my wallet here, right?”, he asked the spectators.

Then he provoked any experts in law by asking if everyone there knew what the most important “law” of all was. Before the silence and murmurs of some who considered trying to guess, but did not risk it, the president of the network raised a book with a green cover with his hand and replied:

“It’s ‘Lei’tura!’, which drew applause and even laughter for its provocation. The book he used as an example was not for nothing. It was Smarter than the Devilby Napoleon Hill, written in 1938, in the midst of serious and pre-war crises and explores fears and other weaknesses in the face of challenges.

Afterwards, Brair took a tour of the brand’s trajectory, growth in the three states, values ​​he admires in teams, as a focus for taking advantage of opportunities. “Pride, stubbornness, complaining, discouragement and laziness, no way!”, He warned.

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