Sasin: Tusk came to Poland to sweep the reparations issue under the carpet

Sasin: Tusk came to Poland to sweep the reparations issue under the carpet

After all, Donald Tusk did not come to Poland and he wants to take over the power to pay reparations to Germany, he came to settle the reparations issue so as to sweep it under the rug, said Deputy Prime Minister, head of MAP Jacek Sasin on Sunday.

During the Friday meeting with the inhabitants of Bytom, Tusk was asked, among others, for war reparations from Germany. They were asked by one of the men whose ancestors, he said, were sent to forced labor; he accused PO politicians of ridiculing efforts for reparations. Tusk replied that he did not speak ironically about reparations and did not laugh at them, but he did laugh at the actions of the current government in this matter, and his party supported the first resolution on reparations many years ago.

Tusk announced that if he was to some extent responsible for the government, benefits would be obtained from Germany for the benefit of Poles who were still alive, victims of German aggression during World War II. “I think it’s playable and winnable; that’s all you need to do,” he said. “I prefer to withdraw the money that Germany gives, and I have extracted record amounts of money from the European coffers, that is also German money, and the PiS suckers with (Arkadiusz) Mularczyk at the forefront are running around with papers on reparations, and in fact finance with billions of Polish zlotys to the German economy, because the Germans took the money from the KPO,” said Tusk.

On Sunday, during a meeting with the inhabitants of Wysokie Mazowieckie (Podlaskie), Sasin said that he was “shocked” by the words of Tusk, who – in his opinion – came to Poland to “settle the matter of reparations, (but) arrange it so as to place (it) under rug”.

“If we have the right to demand compensation, we will demand it, regardless of what trouble it is for Donald Tusk,” said Sasin.

“After all, this is not why he (Tusk) came to Poland and wants to take over the authorities to pay reparations to the Germans. He came here for a completely different purpose, so that we would never ask for any reparations, or better, that we should not ask for anything at all, because why should we expect anything?” – said the deputy prime minister. (PAP)

Author: Adrian Kowarzyk, Sylwia Wieczeryńska

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