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Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya said, “This is the grievance experienced by the Saturday Mothers. After the words “We will find a solution as soon as possible”, the police did not intervene in the sit-in protest and press statement of the Saturday Mothers this week.


Saturday Mothers in Galatasaray Square

HEDEP Şanlıurfa Deputy Dilan Kunt Ayan said to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya, who made a statement at the Grand National embly of Turkey Planning and Budget Commission last November 8, that the sit-in protests in Galatasaray Square in Istanbul have been banned since the 700th week and have been detained every time. He asked questions about their mother.

He stated that the police intervened against the Saturday Mothers and the relatives of the missing, showed the photos of them being handcuffed and taken into custody, and asked their thoughts on this issue.

Yerlikaya said, “This is the victimization experienced by Saturday Mothers. “We will find a solution as soon as possible,” he said.


Saturday Mothers and relatives of the missing, who have been searching for their missing relatives for years, gathered in Galatasaray Square today, in the 972nd week, without any obstacle, following these words of Minister Yerlikaya in the Turkish Grand National embly. A press release was also made after the sit-in.

The police did not interfere with the Saturday Mothers this week, as they did last week.


In the statement, “We are in Galatasaray Square, which is the conscience of this country. “Infinite thanks to everyone who stood by us, supported us and contributed to our emergence during this time.” The names of people who had been missing for years were read and they were asked to be found.


The Human Rights ociation Headquarters also posted on its social media account, “Our persistent efforts to implement the rights violation decision made by the Constitutional Court regarding the Saturday Mothers’ protest have yielded results. “We are in Galatasaray Square again,” he shared.

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