School harment: teasing, violence, social networks… what the questionnaire proposed to students contains

On the occasion of National Struggle Day against school bullying which is being held this Thursday, November 9, students from CE2 to Terminale are invited to complete an anonymous questionnaire in order to self-ess whether they are victims of behavior that could amount to harment.

The questionnaire will be distributed to students between this Thursday and November 15, during two hours of school time allocated for this purpose, announced the Ministry of National Education end of October. Students will fill out this grid “priority” with their main teacher in middle and high school.

Three questionnaires depending on the age of the students

Three versions were written and sent to school heads, one for primary school students from CE2 to CM2, one for middle school students and one for high school students. “It is neither a control nor a test and there is no right or wrong answer,” the document specifies in its introductory paragraph.

The three questionnaires are based on a similar structure, with names adapted to the age of the target students. Four groups of questions are proposed: a first global approach to the relationship with school, the student’s situation in the establishment, their situation “on the Internet and on screens” and finally a section “How do you feel?” ”, which aims to identify possible discomfort.

In primary

The primary questionnaire is the shortest, with 33 questions. Of the first 24, the student must rate from 1 to 4 (1 = never; 4 = very often) the recurrence of behaviors or feelings, in order to determine if he may be a victim harment situations.

Among these questions: “Are you afraid of going to school because of one or more students? », “Do one or more students make fun of you or insult you? “, “Did one or more students try to take off your clothes? », “Do you receive or have you seen insulting or threatening messages about you from one or more students on a mobile phone, on social networks or on an online gaming platform? » or “Do you feel sad because of what you are experiencing at school? “.

The last nine questions can be answered with “yes” or “no” and ask the student if they know of “a student being hared in their cl/school”, or if they have ever asked for help from parents, school, or other students in the event of a harment situation.

Discover the entire questionnaire intended for primary school students by clicking on this link.

In middle school and high school

For middle and high school students, the questionnaire was lengthened, with 44 questions in total. Thirty-four consists of a rating of 1 to 4 for recurrence behavior amounting to harment.

The questions generally cover the same issues as in primary school, but have been readapted compared to the phenomena identified in middle and high school : “Did you skip cl because of your relationship with one or more students? “, “Are one or more students preventing you from having a leisurely lunch in the canteen? », “Have you suffered violence from one or more students? » or even “Are intimate photos or videos of you circulating without your consent on social networks? “.

As in primary school, around ten “yes”/“no” questions are added at the end of the questionnaire in order to find out if the student has already asked for help or knows 3018, free number for victims of harment.

Find the questionnaires for students:

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