Schools burned, anger of rapper Rohff, petition in France… the Belgian Evras program causes a stir

If the start of the school year in France was marked by debates around the ban on the wearing of the abaya in all schools, Belgium also had the right to its controversy. On September 7, a decree was ped in the Parliament of Wallonia Brussels to provide secondary school students with a two-hour course twice a year.Evras (Education for relational, emotional and life).

As soon as the decree was ped, opponents of the Evras program began to come forward. On social networks, first, where many Internet users denounce a “pedophile” program which aims to “pervert children” from a very young age.

Rapper Rohff accused of spreading fake news

Among them, a woman, who says she “came across” the testimony of a father recounting that his son had come home from school crying, after being forced to get naked and touch the of a friend. . This video relating fanciful facts was widely relayed on social networks, particularly in France, since it was shared by the rapper Rohff, followed by more than 860,000 people on X (formerly Twitter).

The latter, accused of spreading fake news by several Belgian media, responded on Friday, demanding details of the Evras program: “All your articles accusing fake news drown the fish out. It’s not this… It’s not that… but what is it? Are you being vague on purpose? Be clear, put the entire content Evras don’t hide anything, we’ll see what is fake or not! », the Parisian rapper gets angry on X.

School principals, psychologists, child psychiatrists, demonstrators, child protection ociations, all parents of all origins, all faiths who are rebelling against YOUR DELIRIOUS PERVERT PROGRESSISTS…

We are all…

— ROHFF (@rohff) September 15, 2023

In any case, the anger continues to rumble and the “anti-Evras” have moved from words to action. Several schools were burned in different regions of Belgium, notably in the Charleroi region, where six educational establishments were burned. “No Evras” graffiti was found on the walls of several attacked schools.

These terrorist acts committed over the past 3 days against the schools of Charleroi are intolerable. Schools are the place where children should feel safe. It is above all them that we attack by burning schools. All my support to the affected educational teams.

— CarolineDesir (@CarolineDesir) September 15, 2023

The Belgian government decided to react on Friday, and asked the federal police to strengthen school security in the areas affected by the attacks. “We are currently looking for the people behind these fires. We have surveillance images which have not yet made it possible to identify the perpetrators of these criminal acts,” announced Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden.

Evras “consists of supporting children, adolescents and young adults and offering them an awareness of the multiple dimensions of their development: depending on the age, themes such as ity, contraception, ography, but also harment, social relationships or emotions,” indicates the dedicated platform. There is obviously no question of the slightest act, as detractors of the program denounce.

The Prime Minister recalled that sex education has existed “for fifty years” in Belgium. “We are obviously not going to encourage hyperization among young people, nor create a orientation or gender identity. I read that we were going to teach children to , it is completely unacceptable to scare parents on this subject,” declared the Minister of Education Caroline Désir at the microphone of the RTBFin a desire to reure the population in the face of the doubts that this program could raise.

A petition addressed to Gabriel Attal… in France

The implementation of this program aroused indignation, but also fueled numerous circles with conspiratorial arguments. And the phenomenon goes beyond the borders of Belgium. In France, a petition calling for “the removal of the Evras law” (it is not a law, Editor’s note) has today more than 13,000 signatures. Its author, “a citizen who reacts”, addresses this petition… to Gabriel Attal, French Minister of National Education. However, the implementation of the program voted by decree concerns French-speaking Belgian schools, and not French educational establishments.

This Sunday, a new demonstration to oppose Evras activities in schools is announced in the city center of Brussels, announces RTBF. A protest which will be followed very closely by the police.

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