Sébastien Cauet shows the support of his partner and his children

Sébastien Cauet and his partner, Nathalie Dartois. Shootpix / Shootpix/ABACA

The radio man, targeted by three complaints for and ault, broke the silence on Sunday December 10 on the set of BFMTV with Benjamin Duhamel.

Targeted by three complaints for and ault, comedian and radio host spoke for the first time on television on BFMTV. Sébastien Cauet was Benjamin Duhamel’s guest this Sunday evening in “It’s not every day on Sunday”. And if the continuation of the interview turned out to be heated between the two men, Sébastien Cauet wanted to explain the reasons which pushed him to express himself on a television set.

“I wanted to speak for my friends, my family who are going through what I have been going through for several weeks. For my wife, Nathalie [Dartois NDLR]who is with me every day”, underlined the comedian facing Benjamin Duhamel. Indeed, since 2021, Sébastien Cauet has been living a love story with the model and TV presenter. “Nathalie, for me, is my partner. It’s been a rock, this woman is incredible. I cry on his shoulder every day, it feels weird to say that for a comedian who works on the radio.”

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Sébastien Cauet then addressed the relationship that his children, Ivana and Valmont, have with the accusations against him. “Don’t worry Dad, I know it’s all fake. There is nothing to worry about.”, the eldest of them would have said. The 51-year-old man is also the stepfather of Sacha and Victoire, born from the previous union of Nathalie Dartois. “When I have my daughter-in-law, and I cry in her arms, it’s something that is not normal. It should be the other way around. Children should cry in children’s arms, not the other way around.”

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