Ségolène Royal enters “TPMP”: “This show will bring out speaking out”

Not a single applause or a fly flying. This Thursday, September 14, at 7:47 p.m., Ségolène Royal officially makes his debut on “Touche pas à mon poste”, Cyril Hanouna’s show. The epilogue of a long soap opera skillfully orchestrated by the host of C8 and the former presidential candidate. “I’m glad you’re here, because all summer we only talked about you,” the presenter says, shaking his hand. “There is an expectation, we have to live up to it,” replies Ségolène Royal, sky blue jacket over black t-shirt.

Do not trust the very comic-book logo with its round white and blue letters: no boasting or bluster on the “Ségolène explains” program. Unlike the other regulars, the socialist takes Hanouna’s place at the desk for a quarter of an hour, the time to deliver a civic education lesson. And for her first, she is interested in major subjects, incest and ault on minors, themes that could not be more topical, Emmanuelle Béart herself has just revealed that she was a victim of incest in a documentary which will be broadcast on Sunday September 24 on M 6.

It is therefore not an enarque or a seasoned politician that viewers have before their eyes this Thursday evening, but a woman, a mother, moved by her subject, involved, with the desire to transmit a message to child victims and reflexes to parents, but also to remind predators of what they risk in the face of justice.

Very clear practical advice

“How do you listen to a child? A child, he will not talk to you when you are listening to him but on the contrary when he is playing, or when his parents are doing something, he will say a little phrase,” insists the former minister, her face serious. She continues the slides. “We must tell the children Your body is your body. I also told my children when they were little,” she insists.

Behind her, five sentences to repeat “once a month, from time to time, but not every day” are displayed in blue and red letters. And a poster, as a relentless reminder: “Every three minutes, a child is the victim of ault or ”.

The subject is strong. The practical advice from the one who thought about all her subjects when she was Minister of Family, under the Jospin government, is very clear. His intervention is a little long: 16 minutes is an eternity for this type of program but, in the studio, no one is moving.

“This show will encourage people to speak out,” hopes Ségolène Royal. “If the word is released, the predators will no longer dare to act… When they know that it is 20 years of criminal imprisonment, they will say no. Fear must change sides! » she proclaimed before leaving the set, kissing Cyril Hanouna.

Did viewers follow this very strong demonstration, wedged between two advertising pages, a debate on bullfighting with bulls with their horns in flames, and the invasion of tiger mosquitoes? Response this Friday, at 9 a.m., when the hearings are published.

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