Senatorial elections: with the election of David Ros, mayor of Orsay, the Essonne left finds a seat

The suspense lasted until the end for the allocation of the fifth senatorial seat in Essonne. Everything was played out with eight voices, it was necessary to recount. It was ultimately Jean-Raymond Hugonet, invested by LR, who narrowly ped, depriving the left of a second seat. But the event of this eveningit’s good that the left has regained a seat in the Senate, when in 2017 she lost everything.

It is therefore David Ros (PS), the mayor of Orsay (17,000 inhabitants) who will return to the Senate. The elected official must resign from his mandate as mayor. This Sunday evening, he was warmly congratulated by his running mates and the many elected officials present at the prefecture for the counting and proclamation of the results. “I am divided, both proud to join the Senate, but disappointed that we missed second place. The LFI – Nupes list has created confusion. I will have to increase my efforts tenfold to continue working over time with all the components of the left involved in this campaign. »

Four of five outgoing re-elected

For the rest, four of the five outgoing members were re-elected. Only Daphné Ract-Madoux (MoDem), candidate of the presidential majority, did not retain her seat. She took that of Olivier Léonhardt (ex-PS), following the death of the latter in February 2022.

Vincent Delahaye and Jocelyne Guidez (UDI) once again came out on top in this election. “We have fulfilled our two objectives, to come first and keep our two seats,” rejoices the senator. This shows our strong presence in the department and that we represent many elected officials. »

To the right, two lists stamped LR were in the running. Laure Darcos took the lead in this duel to the right: “It’s a lot of emotion,” she confides directly. I traveled around Essonne for six years, I saw a lot of elected officials and many of them told me that I was the one who helped them the most with difficult interventions and who was closest to them. ‘them. We will all meet in the Senate to work in harmony, including with David Ros. » Jean-Raymond Hugonet, head of the list in 2017 with Laure Darcos in second, was also re-elected.

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