Serbia coach Dragan Stojkovic: ‘Our players were very tired’ against Brazil

“Does this match show that you are far from the level of the big teams?
We know Brazil, of course. But we came up with many problems in Qatar, injuries at the wrong time, on key players. And you can see it like us on the pitch. It’s like that. It’s too much for us. We are not Brazil with 200 million inhabitants. We are a small country.

Can you tell us about the atmosphere in the stadium?
It was superb. It was really good to be in the stadium this (Thursday) evening. On the pitch, the intensity was high in the second half. We gave too many spaces to the Brazilians and our players were very tired. I have to understand why, because I don’t understand. In the first half, we were in our game, in our match. Not second. We must prepare now to be much better.

Can you tell us more about your surprise on the physique of your players?
We need players who are good. I had spoken to the players about this a few days ago, and I thought it was OK, but it wasn’t. We will have to find better decisions, we have time to do so. This (Thursday) evening, we could have had a different scenario with healthier players. But it’s not a shame to lose against Brazil.

Do you consider Brazil the favourites?
One of the favourites. »

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