Sergio Ramos’ house burglarized during Seville-Lens, his children were inside

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During the Champions League match last Wednesday, the former PSG defender was robbed. Her four children and two nannies were in the house at the time of the incident.

Fear for Sergio Ramos. While the Spanish defender played last Wednesday in the Champions League match against Sevilla FC against RC Lens (1-1)his house was broken into during the meeting according to ABC Seville . Several individuals are said to have thwarted the security systems of his estate, located around twenty kilometers from Seville, to enter in the evening. While the former Parisian’s wife, Pilar Rubio, was absent for professional reasons, her four children aged 3 to 8 were kept inside by two nannies at the time of the events. According to the Andalusian press, they were found without any physical harm by the police despite their state of shock.

The burglars stole several luxury watches, designer clothes and jewelry after ransacking part of the house, requiring the opening of an investigation by the police.

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Remained on the bench yesterday during the Sevillian victory against Almeria (5-1), Sergio Ramos has rather succeeded in his return to the club in parallel with this unfortunate incident off the field. With him, the winner of the last Europa League has regained a certain defensive solidity, conceding only 2 goals in 4 matches, compared to 9 in the 4 previous matches.

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