Serial errors

Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB) was complaining that the company that collects garbage containers did not have the expertise it claimed to have. Well, this factor should have been checked when making emergency hiring. But the hole is deeper, and it’s called public competition. Like the old marchinha, it’s all wrong, compadre, it’s and it’s and it’s.

Po Fundo-Erechim Road

The regional meeting of the Economic Map of Rio Grande do Sul project, held by Jornal do Comércio in Po Fundo, last week, showed once again the importance of listening to local leaders. One of the demands, in terms of infrastructure, refers to the road between Po Fundo and Erechim.

Need for asphalt

It is surprising that the debate over the road in question is not duplication, but rather the asphalting of a section. If we observe that Po Fundo and Erechim are the two largest economies in the Northern Region of the State, the size of the need becomes even clearer. In time: this is the BR-153 highway.

Series II errors

The Tender Law must be revised, starting with the basic and executive project systems. The best example is the revitalization of the Quadrilátero in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre. In the basic project, the value was one, and, in the executive one, they “discovered” that under the bed there were wires, pipes and tubes. Result: work completed in 2025. And more expensive than expected!

Like São Tomé…

…seeing is believing. This time it is possible to believe that the project to revitalize the old Imperial and Guarani cinemas, on Rua da Praia, has come into fruition. It took a while because, as in Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s verses, In the middle of the way there was a stone/There was a stone in the middle of the way.

Sad story

“You have no idea what it’s like to stand on the roof of your house for nine hours and see houses ping by with people inside, begging for help, gesticulating and drowning.”

This is one of the reports from survivors in the municipality of Roca Sales heard by journalist Gilberto Jasper. In addition to family, neighbors and friends, a retired woman saw her house, that of her niece and two uncles simply disappear in the waters of the Taquari River.

Urban legends

Among the most recent is the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). When you think you can stop sending certain adver, there is no point in formalizing it to the sender. Even more so after the word search that automatically sends texts about it and its surroundings.

That hug

Which city is between Anta Gorda and Arvorezinha? Putinga, whose mayor is Paulo Sérgio Lima dos Santos. On August 16, 1937, a meteorite fell 2 kilometers from the city. The largest piece weighs 45 kg and is in the Ufrgs Science Museum. The name comes from a species of bamboo, abundant at the time of colonization.

Pix Scams

Pix scams are changing. These are no longer amateur scams, carried out by a lone thief.

Now what we see are mive scams, operated by an increasingly organized criminal structure.

The bandit workforce is becoming even more specialized!

Sirens on cell phone

A reader who lives in München, Germany, read the note about the proposal from deputy Captain Martim (Republicans), and says that the city has a siren system in case of emergencies, including on cell phones. Last week they were called due to the danger of flooding.

Early warning

In President Lula’s (PT) recent meeting with Centrão deputies to align reciprocity with the cluster’s nomination, group leaders were irritated by the closed ceremony.

It’s a pout to play hard to get or an excuse for future betrayal. The marriage may end before the wedding night.


ISRAEL will use flying taxis in Jerusalem to avoid traffic jams. It will bottle up the skies.

EVERYTHING is upside down. The letter Z key on the cell phone moved from the bottom row to the top.

IT WAS to see the joy of the people of Porto Alegre greeting the sun that had fled.

SOS Unimed will be the official medical service for the celebration of Grêmio’s 120th anniversary.

READERS ask about my vision after cataract surgery. I say that now I can even see an ant’s autograph.

Shot in the foot

By court decision, Uber will have to sign a license for those who have never been employed. If you p the cost onto the tariff, it could make the business unviable, and drivers could lose their livelihood. Child, you will never see a country like this.

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