seven out of ten French people find the government’s policy unclear

A minority of French people believe that the executive is doing everything possible to ensure the country’s energy independence, according to a survey.

The French are strict with the government’s energy policy. According to an OpinionWay-Square survey for The echoes and Radio Classique*, published on Wednesday, seven out of ten respondents (70%) consider it unclear. A worrying signal, while this theme remains the sinews of war, in this period of soaring prices.

A minority of French people even believe that the executive is doing everything possible to ensure that France produces carbon-free electricity (42%), to ensure the country’s energy independence (42%) or to reduce France’s dependence on energy. fossils (42%). Proof that this skepticism seems to be shared among the population, only a narrow majority of Emmanuel Macron’s voters in the first round of the last presidential election (55%) consider that the government’s energy policy is clear.

On the energy mix, the French are more likely to support the development of renewable energies (59%) rather than nuclear (39%). However, when asked what they consider to be the priority energy production projects, they first cite the establishment of new solar panel farms (40%) and… the construction of new nuclear power plants (40%). “Wind projects inspire less support“, observes the study: 29% consider the establishment of offshore wind farms a priority and 21% for onshore wind farms.

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Acclaimed self-production

At the local level, the French also prefer the installation of renewable installations rather than nuclear ones. “If a power plant were to be installed near their municipality, 63% of respondents would prefer it to be a wind farm, compared to 35% for a nuclear power plant“, notes the study.

In addition, the survey notes that the French seem ready to make efforts to achieve the energy transition. Nearly seven in ten (69%) believe that citizens should be more encouraged to produce their own energy, known as self-production. In contrast, “the budgetary policy to be adopted to support the energy transition is more divisive“, underlines the study. Indeed, 51% of respondents believe that the energy transition justifies significant public spending, even if it means increasing deficits, when 48% oppose this view.

*OpinionWay-Square survey for Les Échos and Radio Classique, carried out among a sample of 1003 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, established according to the quota method. The sample was interviewed by self-administered online questionnaire on November 16 and 17, 2022.

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