Sgarbi: “Roccella had to speak. Montaruli coarse. Lagioia shouldn’t have acted as referee”

«If a minister writes a book he is also an author, so he must be listened to. Then you can say “I don’t agree with you”, but the principle of contestation a priori is a limitation of the freedom of those who come to a festival, whatever their role, to speak. My line is that from the Altaforte publishing house, which was Minister Salvini’s publisher, to Rovelli, to Minister Roccella, everyone has the right to speak.

Sgarbi at the Salone: ​​”Roccella? A minister must be listened to. But the initial mistake was to censure Altaforte”

Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary for Culture, said it today at the Book Fair to present his latest work, “Discoveries and revelations”, published with the Ship of Theseus. On yesterday’s protest to the minister of the family Eugenia Roccella he said that it was wrong not to let her speak, but «Augusta Montaruli, not having much experience with the Book Fair, did not understand that the director Nicola Lagioia did not want to mediate against of the minister, he was trying to calm a difficult situation», says Sgarbi again. Who continues: “However, the initial guarantee must be that anyone must speak, if then he is a minister I do not say a fortiori but not a minor reason”.

For Sgarbi «Lagioia shouldn’t have been there, as he did, to guarantee equidistance and debate between two sides, because there is only one side, that of the book, which had to be free, this is what reproached him, perhaps in Montaruli in a somewhat coarse way». And again: «Then one if he wants to contest it but if you think that an arbitrator is needed instead of the author is a commissioner. Do something that goes against the principle that freedom of opinion and the writing of a book are primary rights. So he simply had to say: now you, even if you’re right, let Roccella do the talking».

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