Shana Müller releases video for new single Every day is your day

Shana Müller releases video for new single Every day is your day

Who are the women who influence our lives? It was in response to this question that singer Shana Müller and director and screenwriter Diego Müller conceived the clip for her new single “Todo dia é teu dia”, an unprecedented partnership between the labels GM/2 Música, by the singer herself, and Selo Gadea.

The clip features images of important artists in her training, such as the best known folkloric artists, Violeta Parra, Mercedes Sosa and Berenice Azambuja, and artists from other areas, such as the gaucho singer Dalila and the Argentinean Mapuche Indian Luisa Calcumil. Directed by Federico Bonani and art directed by Valeria Verba. The release of the clip took place yesterday, on March 8, in reference to Women’s Day. On audio platforms, the new single arrives this Friday, March 10th.

Engaged in female issues, Shana brings this new song as a way of valuing women in regional music, a purpose that she has played for some time in initiatives such as the creation of “Peitaço da Composition Regional”, an exclusive festival dedicated to women. “Bringing on Érlon Péricles’ song is also a way of engaging men in this fight that belongs to everyone, of seeing women in their multiple functions and using my instrument, art, to raise awareness as well as entertain”, says Shana, who He also praises the work’s musical production with a very universal look created by the talented duo of brothers Cristian and Adriano Sperandir.

“The idea was that she would wear a big braid, full of fabrics and meaningful objects, representing those secrets that the song speaks. In addition, we can even play with the children’s imagination of the princess trapped in the tower who throws her big braid. The clip brings this message, of the liberation of the feminine”, says Diego, from GM/2 Filmes.

In the images, the highlights are the photos of singers from Rio Grande do Sul who influenced her and who opened the way for women in regional art, such as Fátima Gimenez, Loma, Mary Terezinha, Oristela Alves, Clary Costa, the women of the group Canto Livre, Carmen Nogueira, Maria Dischinger, Selma Martins, Vânia Mallmann; Estrela Dalva, Lourdinha and Norma, from Conjunto Farroupilha, in addition, of course, to important female figures in her life, such as her mother, grandparents and family members. “I believe that everything has its time. Being able to honor the artists who influenced me – and still influence me today – is more than an honor, it’s a commitment. We always need to bring these women to light and provide this recognition ”, she adds.

On the 16th, Shana does a show to launch the new work at Rancho Tabacaray, in the south zone of Porto Alegre, where the clip was recorded.

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