“she should never have opposed us but brought us together”, Jean Dujardin defends the opening ceremony

By Sébastien Vau

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Jean Dujardin during the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. Laurent Lairys / Laurent Lairys / Panoramic

After the controversy over the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup at the Stade de France, considered embarring and outdated by some observers, Jean Dujardin reacted Thursday on his Instagram account.

The opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup was not unanimous and was strongly criticizedespecially on social networks.

Jean Dujardin, who co-wrote the show with designer Olivier Ferracci and director Nora Mattheywanted to react to the media treatment of the event.

The French actor says he fell “backwards. I never thought that my participation in the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup would trigger such a flood of political and media commentary. We wanted it to be beautiful, we wanted it to be festive, we had fun imagining it, we all got involved together, volunteers, craftsmen, artists, happy to prepare it with everyone’s enjoyment in mind.

We wanted to celebrate our country, our know-how and the history of rugby. The “outdated” France of the 1950s? It was precisely in 1954 that France celebrated its first victory over the New Zealanders! he continues.

France Rance»? An opening ceremony is always the presentation to the rest of the world of the country where the celebrated event takes place. We are indeed also the country of the beret, of gastronomy, of culture, of education, no offense to some… The second degree that I have always liked to use has not been understood and I regret it», insists the Oscar-winning actor.

We should certainly have remembered that our country is widely criticized for its polemical and “grumpy” spirit. It’s a shame we couldn’t escape it when there was such good will. This ceremony should never have pitted us against each other but rather brought us together. I am an artist, I will not be the standard bearer of any party. I’ll leave you to settle your affairs between yourselves.»

I wanted it to be a ceremony of open-mindedness, sharing and joy. I keep this beautiful emotion warm. Go Blues!» concluded Jean Dujardin, visibly upset by the criticism of the opening ceremony.

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