should we watch the TMC documentary?

should we watch the TMC documentary?

“You and me, instructions” on TMC: variations on the same “love you” TMC

This Wednesday evening, in prime time, the producers of “Daily” go to meet fourteen lovers to try to unlock the secrets of a couple’s longevity.

Love, with a capital A. The producers of “Daily » are interested in what 98% of the French population will have experienced during their life: the couple. How it works ? What are the secrets of longevity? Why is it hard?

So many questions to which the director Emmanuel Le Ber (at the origin of the Blues 2018, at the heart of the Russian epic broadcast on Canal+) who, to do this, spent a year with seven couples, of all ages, of all sexualities and from all over France.

Teenagers, adults or seniors, these lovers approach with a certain philosophy, humor or seriousness, the issues related to life as a couple, namely wear and tear, infidelity, spats or even the place of sex. We do not necessarily find the magic formula but refreshing testimonials that could inspire more than one.

This documentary will be followed by another series of testimonials, this time from our teenagers to explain that they “are less stupid than they seem“, as the title of the show promises us. The same Emmanuel Le Ber followed young people aged between 13 and 18 for a year. A generation that certainly spends its days watching viral videos on TikTok but is committed to environmental issues. Invigorating.

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