Should you watch the final season of The Crown and Everything’s Fine? Answers in “Le Club Le Figaro Culture, special series”

By Julia Baudin

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Diana and Dodi, a few days before the tragedy… Netflix

VIDEO – In this issue of the FigaroTV show dedicated to series, we discussed the 6th and final season of the Netflix series and the very pretty Disney+ miniseries Everything is fine. But not only…

On the set of this special series of “Club Le Figaro Culture”, broadcast on November 29 on the channel FigaroTVFrançois Aubel, Constance Jamet, Céline Fontana, Pascaline Potdevin and Julia Baudin looked at season 6, at least the first four episodes of season 6, of The Crown, available on Netflix since November 16. The first part of this last major chapter of Peter Morgan’s successful work focuses on the last days of Diana, forever princess of hearts, and the shock wave that her death will cause in Paris, under the bridge de l’Alma, August 31, 1997.

What should we think ? Is the series still as delicate as before in the treatment of the royal chronicle? Has it regained some of the dynamism that some critics deplored the disappearance of? What storyline choices were available while the event is still so present in our memories?

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“She finds dynamism, with a staging device which is paradoxical compared to what she has accustomed us to. The interest The Crown, basically, was his way of centering each episode on a given event, rather unknown in the chronology. Here, we are on an event that everyone knows – everyone remembers what they were doing the day Diana died – and Peter Morgan spreads it over four episodes like a countdown. countdown, a race towards a death that everyone knows and this countdown gives rise to a powerful suspense…”, comments Pascaline Potdevin.

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Other topics covered include interpretation, historical reality, Charles’ behavior following the death of his ex-wife, the melodramatic or tabloid side of history, the incursions of a form of the unreal into reality… The first four episodes are available on the platform. The following six will be put online on December 14. Then comes the review, more than positive, of the Disney+ miniseries Everything is fine . Created by Camille de Castelnau, worn by Virginie Efira and Sara Giraudeau, in particular, it tells the story of the fall of a dysfunctional family into total chaos upon the news of the cancer of their daughter, niece and granddaughter…

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