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They say that if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. This also applies to entrepreneurs and their companies. Today, to attract customers and run your business effectively, you need to let them find you. How? Through the company’s online visibility. This is where popular tools such as online company directories come in handy. What are they? What popular websites are worth presenting your company on? What elements should an online business card contain? You will find the answer to your questions in the article.

What are business directories?

Broadly speaking, business directories are online databases that contain various types of information about companies. This is usually basic information, but from the point of view of customers looking for specific products or services – very important. As in the case of company catalogs such as Panorama Firm and, they may include data such as: company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, link to the website or business description. On the one hand, these websites are customer-friendly, but on the other hand, business owners who want to reach potential customers with their offers also benefit from them. There is one condition – give your company a place in such a directory. For a variety of reasons, which are discussed in more detail below.

Why is it worth putting a business card in company catalogues?

The answer is simple, because that’s where the customers are. They look for products, services and companies on the Internet. This is also confirmed by research results. According to a Mediapanel study, in July the number of Internet users was almost 30 million. Each of these people is a potential customer, but in order to become one, you need to meet with them. How? There is no other way than by adding the company to the directory so that it gains visibility.

Sometimes it is not enough to just “add a company” to the directory to get our phones ringing. What also matters is how we do it. Remember that when choosing a business card in a company catalog, it is worth making sure that it is attractive and professional. In addition to the information mentioned earlier in the article, you can also expand your business card with photos, video materials, longer expert articles or comprehensive descriptions in line with SEO principles.

The advantages of these websites and attractive business cards do not end there. They are also a valuable source of external links leading to the company website (link building). Therefore, if you take care of attractive business cards in popular catalogs and include links to your website, your company’s position in search engines will improve. This will increase website traffic and acquire new customers. Isn’t that the point?

This is still not the end of the advantages. Google highly rates websites such as, and because they are directories with high visibility. The company’s presence on this type of industry websites is therefore crucial because it helps build credibility “in the eyes” of search engine algorithms. This translates into a better position of the company on the Internet.

So, list your company in an online business directory to:

• present your offer on the Internet,

• increase online visibility and build recognition,

• position your own website,

• reach more customers.

If you are wondering about the cost of setting up such a business card, we have good news. The basic version of the business card is free, so you get business advertising without incurring any costs. Remember, however, that to make the business card mentioned above more attractive, you can use many additional advertising options offered by popular websites, such as displaying special offers. You have a lot of options, there’s a lot to choose from.

If, in addition to the free entry containing basic data, you also want to enrich it with additional elements that will make it more visible, it is worth consulting a specialist.

“Interactive presentation of business and offers in company catalogs brings many benefits to entrepreneurs. The more business cards a company has on valuable websites, the greater its recognition and the better its brand image. Our specialists create attractive business cards for companies. They prepare unique content in an attractive form, complement the business card with graphic elements and the most important information. They mark the company’s location on an interactive map so that every customer can easily find it, says Katarzyna Jezierska, marketing director, member of the WeNet management board. – A virtual business card supports local marketing. It is an ideal tool for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reach more customers in their area,” adds Katarzyna Jezierska.

What is a NAP business card and what data should be included in it?

NAP is an abbreviation of Name, Address, Phone, so we are talking about the company’s basic data. But that’s not all, because in addition to the name, address and telephone number, a NAP business card often also contains other, no less important information. It is also worth including:

• e-mail address (not everyone likes to call),

• a website address,

• link to company profiles on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others),

• a short description of the company’s activities along with keywords,

• list of services and products offered by the company,

• NIP and REGON,

• opening hours,

• photo of the headquarters (optional).

The more information a user can find on a business card, the better. Thanks to this, they will become better acquainted with the company’s business profile and forms of contact with it. Make sure that the information on all your business cards is up-to-date and consistent – this increases the company’s credibility and proves its reliability. This applies to details such as name or address. So decide whether you use abbreviations or full names and stick to it.

Where is it worth putting up a company business card? Examples of recommended company directories

An attractive business card is one thing, but placing it in many valuable places on the Internet is also of great importance. Remember that the more business cards you create with consistent data, the greater the trust of your customers and Google algorithms.

There are many websites that offer help here, offering free or paid installation of a NAP business card. It is worth choosing the most reliable and highly rated ones in Google’s eyes. Publicly available company catalogs cover all types of business, while specialized ones (e.g. focus on specific industries or regions. Depending on the needs and type of business, entrepreneurs can choose the best ones. It is worth being present in both general and dedicated directories.

Popular company directories worth being included in include:

• Business Panorama,


• BiznesFinder,

• AleRanking.

Even though the Internet is bursting at the proverbial seams with the number of different types of company directory websites, you must know that not every place is suitable for leaving data there. Therefore, before you decide to set up a business card, check what possibilities a given website offers. Make sure that, apart from basic information such as contact and address details, it will be possible to add other valuable content related to your business, e.g. a photo gallery, longer descriptions or keywords.

It is also worth checking the reputation of the selected catalog. Setting up business cards in unverified places may have the opposite effect than intended, because Google algorithms focus on the quality of the presented content and its source. This has already been mentioned in this article.

To sum up, professionally prepared business cards placed in many reliable places will strengthen your company’s position on the Internet and influence its position in search engine results. Both their quality and quantity count.

Popular company catalogs as a tool for building online visibility

It is worth using this method of promotion and placing information about your company in company catalogues, but remember to choose only proven websites that are popular and have a good reputation.

It is also worth establishing cooperation with experts. An example are WeNet experts who take care of the presence of companies from the SME sector on the Internet. They create attractive business cards in popular catalogs and help entrepreneurs reach customers using proven tools.

Information source: WeNet

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