“Shutdown”: the United States avoids the paralysis of its federal administration at the last minute

Dramatic twist across the Atlantic. The United States avoided the paralysis of its federal administration at the last minute, with the adoption by the Senate, just three hours before “shutdown”an emergency measure allowing it to temporarily continue its financing.

In a last minute turnaroundthe House of Representatives first ped this text proposed by the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, a last-ditch attempt to avoid paralysis.

Adopted with 335 yes (91 no) in the House, it was then approved by 88 senators against 9, avoiding at the last minute a “shutdown” for 45 days, which would have put civil servants on technical unemployment and cut food aid to certain beneficiaries.

President Joe Biden immediately welcomed the deal in the Senate and called on Congress to quickly approve aid to Ukraine that was excluded from the emergency funding measure.

I just signed a law to keep the government open for 47 days. There’s plenty of time to p Government funding bills for the next fiscal year, and I strongly urge Congress to get to work right away.

The American people expect their government to work.

Let’s make sure it does. pic.twitter.com/ffjwUIPWIt

— President Biden (@POTUS) October 1, 2023

“I expect the President of Congress to uphold his commitment to the Ukrainian people and ensure the adoption of the support necessary to help Ukraine at this critical time,” Joe Biden said in a statement, referring to Kevin McCarthy.

The emergency measure ped by the US Congress provides for the administration to continue to be funded for 45 days.

“Victory for the American People”

Hundreds of thousands of American officials held their breath as the deadline approached (midnight Saturday night, or 04:00 GMT Sunday), because neither chamber of Congress – nor the Senate in the hands of the Democrats , nor the Republican-controlled House of Representatives – had reached agreement on a finance law to extend the federal state budget.

Kevin McCarthy,
Kevin McCarthy, Republican speaker of the House of Representatives Icon sport/Aaron Schwartz/Xinhua Xinhua/Icon Sports

If Kevin McCarthy’s measure had not been adopted, the world’s largest economy would have slowed down on Sunday: 1.5 million civil servants would have lost their salaries and air traffic would have been disrupted, while visitors to national parks would have found the door closed.

Saturday’s vote is “a victory for the American people, and a total defeat for right-wing extremists,” said the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries.

Aid to Ukraine, a stumbling block between Democrats and many Republicans, is largely absent from the text.

Lawmakers must now consider a separate bill for $24 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which Joe Biden wanted to see included in the budget. A vote could take place early next week, according to American media.

The White House had initially called for the budget bill to include $24 billion in military and humanitarian aid for kyiv. The budgetary crisis will therefore have direct repercussions on the war in Ukraine.

Blocking of a handful of Trumpist Republican elected officials

“What Russia did is wrong. But I think whatever we do, we have to define what a victory means and what the plan should be,” Kevin McCarthy told reporters.

“I think there is a real frustration across America, which sees this president ignoring the borders of the United States and being more concerned about another place,” he added, referring to this which Republicans call a “migrant crisis in the United States”.

A handful of Trumpist Republican elected officials refuse to release any new aid to kyiv, believing that these funds should be allocated to managing the migration crisis.

These lieutenants of Donald Trump, who have disproportionate power due to the very small Republican majority in the House, were ordered by the former president, who could face Joe Biden in 2024, to “paralyze » the federal state unless it wins its case on “all” the budgetary issues under debate.

Elected after numerous negotiations with the Trumpists, Kevin McCarthy risks his seat in these negotiations. “You know what, if I have to risk my position to defend the American people, I will,” he ured Saturday.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States experienced its longest shutdown, during the winter of 2018/2019. According to several estimates, the country’s GDP was then cut by more than 3 billion dollars.

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