Sidonie Bonnec recounts the “very violent accident” of which she was a victim

The host of the game “Everyone has their say” on France 2 recounted on her Instagram account the mishap she experienced a few weeks ago.

It is the left hand trapped in a white plastic splint that Sidonie Bonnec resumed filming of “Everyone has a say” alongside Olivier Minne on France 2. Tuesday, via her Instagram account, the host told what happened to her. “A cyclist knocked me down four weeks ago on a cycle path in the Landesshe wrote. A very violent accident which only fractured my finger. I say “only” because, considering the violence of the shock, I coped incredibly well. Fortunately, I wasn’t going fast. Luckily I was wearing a helmet. »

In her story, Sidonie Bonnec describes herself as a very careful cyclist who respects the Highway Code and moves calmly, paying attention to the people she comes across. “I don’t think I’m the queen of the world on my bikeshe summarizes. The person who hit me was driving very fast and in the wrong lane. As if that wasn’t enough, she disappeared into thin air. » The France Télévisions host was thus left by the wayside, injured.

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“I am angry because she left me alone with my pain and a deep sense of injustice. Cyclists! Let’s be good citizens”, she concluded by encouraging her subscribers to share her message. Among the comments, Melanie Page expressed his annoyance upon discovering this story. ” What a shame ! I hope that, one way or another, your testimony will reach her and that she will feel very small and cowardly about what she did! And that she will never get back on a bike again”published the actress.

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