Simon Castaldi, the strategies, the arena… Gary eliminated from the “Fifty” looks back on his adventure

Victim of Amélie Neten’s revenge, the candidate of the W9 game was not saved this time by his comrades.

“It’s a blast when you see Marjolaine and Greg!” This is Gary’s first impression when he begins season 2 of the reality TV show.The Fifty“. Discovered in 2020 in “The Circle France” on Netflix, he brought freshness to the W9 program. He is unfortunately eliminated from the game this Thursday, November 16. Back on his adventure.

When he got out of the van under the gaze of viewers on September 9, he was accompanied by Anaïs, Tressia, Maïssane and Fred, “extraordinary women”as he calls them. “I said to myself “What pride to be with them!”. Like I was at the amut park. I go into this adventure telling myself that it’s a fairy tale, it’s Gary in Wonderland”he adds.

But very quickly, Gary Jarny becomes disillusioned with the elimination of Fred, affectionately called “Auntie Fred” by the other participants. A hard blow for the 34-year-old candidate who had a real crush on the one who was revealed in “Koh-Lanta” before becoming an essential figure in “Angels of reality TV” on NRJ 12. “It’s like a soul mate, we call each other every day”Gary tells us.

Gary in the “Fifty” arena on W9 Julien THEUIL / W9

Binomial by Simon Castaldi

The adventure takes another turn, coupled with the arrival of the “forgotten”. Five players who participated in the first season entered the castle later. Gary will get closer to them, form an alliance and become the adventure partner of Simon Castaldi. “With Fred leaving, I realized that things were happening underwater. And I said to myself but “Gary you are blind, you are a care bear. Stop being Alice, be a little more the Queen of Hearts otherwise you will jump”»remembers the candidate.

I suffered harment and this is the first time in my life that without knowing me, people just voted for me for who I am

Gary, candidate in “The fifty”

The arena has rarely been his friend. He doesn’t win many events. But highly appreciated by the other candidates, Gary is saved each time by the votes. From the first ceremony, his personality is acclaimed by his playmates. A very emotional moment for the candidate: “I didn’t know anyone, but I’m saved. In my life I have always been judged on my ity, on my feminine side. At school it was horrible, I was always alone. I didn’t have many friends. I suffered harment and this is the first time in my life that without knowing me, people just voted for me, for who I am. I was not judged by my envelope. That’s why I was very moved”.

Reality TV is shaken by various scandals ault but also consumer scams. However, the human dimension cannot be excluded according to Gary. “Reality TV has a social dimension”, estimates the candidate who is also a media columnist on a local radio station. A dual role which gives him a certain perspective on his experience. “I was delighted to see that in “The fifty”, we are five representatives of the LGBT+ community. This is wonderful and very rare. And it’s not even a fact in itself. We don’t take a gay person to say that we take someone from the LGBT+ side. No, we just take someone for their person. And his ity is his private life. There is progress on thisanalyzes Gary before adding: I tell myself that if there is a kid, we must not forget that I am a guy from the provinces, who sees me and says “I can wear a skirt and there is no problem with who I am”I won my bet.

Eliminated against Alex

He is eliminated against Alex, one of the Marseillais. He owes his place on the bench of nominees to Amélie Neten. The candidate wanted to avenge the elimination of her friend Anaïs Camizuli a few days earlier. Gary hadn’t voted for her.

Gary has no regrets about his adventure. “It was magical, extraordinary. I remember a lot of love and meetings. I had the little boy’s eyes shine when I saw Marjolaine and Greg the Millionaire and I was also able to be close to people I admired.”will be the conclusion of this candidate who has achieved the feat of marking the program without using the usual codes of a format so well-established that it has become a profession for dozens of influencers.

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