“Sir, your wife is giving birth!” »: in the North, little Lyna is born in the toilets of an Auchan

“The day before, we saw a midwife who told us it wasn’t going to happen right away. » All the lights are green so that Jennifer, 26 years old, 36 weeks pregnant, and her partner Laurent, can go and stroll in an Englos shopping mall in the suburbs of Lille (North) on Tuesday. Except that the afternoon shopping turned into an express birth in the toilets of the shopping center and the couple welcomed a very healthy little Lyna.

Jennifer and Laurent, 46, had planned purchases for their 14-month-old boy and Lyna, their upcoming baby. “I had a little pain but as Lyna was very low and I sometimes had pain, I told myself that it was the same as usual,” Jennifer tells The voice of the North.

When they arrive at the Englos shopping center, the young mother takes a few minutes to go to the toilet. There, it is a cleaning lady who warns Laurent: “Sir, sir, your wife is giving birth! »

The father rushes: “I heard Jennifer screaming and I found her on the ground. I pulled down her pants and panties and saw Lyna’s head half out. I put my hands under it to keep it from hitting the tiles but it continued to come out. Ten minutes later, I was holding her… My heart was beating hard in my chest. »

” Lets’ go ! »

The store staff surrounded the couple of young parents, Laurent continued to La Voix du Nord: “The cleaning lady gave us a blanket in which I wrapped Lyna (…) And two security agents helped us and notified the emergency services who quickly arrived. All they had to do was cut the umbilical cord, retrieve the placenta and take care of Lyna. »

“We said to ourselves: Lets’ go ! » rewinds from France 3, Dylan, one of the security guards who intervened to help the mother. He admits: “It put a little pressure on us, we’re not trained for it.” But the two agents remain in support of the couple: “We helped the lady take off her pants, we put compresses and a scarf on the ground and the little one came out.”

The anguish all the same of having made a false step. But, “immediately the baby cried and I was reured,” Dylan breathes. In good health despite her chaotic birth, little Lyna measures 47.5 cm and weighs 2,390 kg.

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