Six months in prison for a PSG supporter who had participated in the incidents before Nice-Cologne

A Parisian supporter involved in violence before a Europa League Conference match between Nice and Cologne (1-1), on September 8, was sentenced on Wednesday in Nice to one year in prison, including six months which he will serve under surveillance electronic.

This 34-year-old man, father of two children and ultra of the PSG for 15 years, was found guilty of three offenses by the criminal court: use of a rocket in a stadium, projectile throwing and violence in a meeting.

Banned from PSG matches for two years

He is also prohibited from staying in the Alpes-Maritimes for two years and will not be able to attend a PSG match during this period, without the obligation to check in at a police station. He will be placed under an electronic bracelet but will still be able to work, and his conviction will not be entered in his criminal record, which is blank to date.

“It’s a reasonable decision,” reacted his lawyer Martin Mechin, who indicated that his client would not “probably not call”. During these incidents, the man was seriously injured after falling from a height of five meters. He had been hospitalized in absolute emergency before being arrested a few days later at the hospital and placed in police custody.

OGC Nice, a civil party, obtained 1 euro in damages.

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