smashing debut for Yann Marguet

The Swiss comedian, who this season joined Yann Barthès’ team on the TMC talk show, produced his first column last Friday entitled We can’t wait to die.

In the direction of departures: Alison Wheeler. In that of arrivals: Rosa Bursztein and Yann Marguet. For the eighth season of ” Daily “ , Yann Barthès recorded some movements in his team of comedians. After the page from the former host of “iq” last Thursday on TMCit was the turn of the Franco-Swiss columnist to make his premiere on Friday. “The rising star of Swiss humor” Matthieu Noël presented it a year ago on France Inter where the Lausannois comes to produce a weekly column in the show “Zoom Zoom Zen”.

“I listened to him on the Swiss-French radio Couleur 3, we have wanted him to join “Quotidien” for years, I am delighted to welcome him”, presented it by Yann Barthès. Guest on TMC last June, Yann Marguet set the tone by producing a brief humorous column on which today resonates like a life-size rehearsal. Every Friday, he will share his offbeat perspective and his irreverent humor in his column entitled We can’t wait to die.

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For his premiere, Yann Marguet went wild on the construction of the largest liner in the world called Icon of the seasa huge billion-dollar floating building that can carry up to 10,000 pengers. “I don’t know what they have with water activities on cruise ships, there’s already water all around”he reacted, detailing the ship’s facilities and activities. “It’s as if we were forming a union at “Quotidien”, there’s no need, everyone is left-wing. » And to underline the considerable pollution caused by these gigantic liners. “The new fuels do nothing, the most recent ships run on liquefied natural gas which is essentially composed of methane. We haven’t seen so many in the ocean since Gérard Depardieu’s midnight swim. »

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