SNCF: here are the future seats of the TGVs

The train of the future, the TGV M, continues to unfold. The SNCF revealed, this Wednesday, the new seats which will equip the TGV Inoui from 2025 – date of the first delivery by Alstom of the new generation train. They were imagined, after five years of work, by the Nendo and AREP firms, responsible for the design of the entire TGV M.

These new seats, “reminiscent of the shape of a polished pebble” notes Céline David, design director at AREP, will be blue in second cl (gradient, from dark blue at the level of the seat to lighter at the of the head), and red first, “from a bright burgundy to an almost pinkish red”. All the seats, in second gear, will be equipped with electrical outlets. Same thing in premiere where pengers will also have access to a USB port. Everyone will have a reading light, a tablet and a storage compartment. New, the headrest of the seats will be adjustable.

“Like in a hammock”

These magnesium seats, 90% recyclable and made from 20% recycled materials, should make people forget those of TGV Oceane, mocked for their hardness and the back pain they can cause, unlike the soft seats of the old Corail. “We have worked a lot on comfort, insists Céline David. They are deeper and the fabric used adapts to all body types. Travelers will feel like in a hammock. »

Lighter, and thinner, they make it possible to “free up space” for the legs of the pengers. “It will also be possible to place luggage under the seatjust like what is done on planes,” Céline David adds.

“It is a very important moment for us to unveil this seat, which will accompany the daily life of the French people. It will meet all of our customers’ needs until 2060,” said Christophe FanichetCEO of SNCF Voyageurs, this Wednesday.

Still at the prototype stage, the seats will equip the TGV M from 2025. These new generation trains, on two floors and modular, will have an additional capacity of 20%. The first deliveries by Alstom are scheduled for the end of 2024.

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