SNCF tickets: it is this Wednesday that you must book for the April and May bridges

The telescoping of calendars is not the happiest. When users worry future strikes at the SNCF and repercussions on traffic against the backdrop of pension reform, the railway company is selling several thousand tickets for the bridges of April and May from this Wednesday, January 25.

This year, Workers’ Day, May 1, and World War II Armistice Day, May 8, fall on a Monday, which is bound to arouse covetousness and desires to go elsewhere. This opening to reservations is all the more interesting as there is likely to be a lot of people on the trains at this time and not always enough tickets, since the Easter school holidays in zone C (Île-de- France and Occitanie) from April 22 to May 9 include May 1 and May 8.

The best tickets will go as often to travelers who get there early, according to the now well-known principle of yield management. A governed tariff system by supply and demand: as the departure date approaches, ticket prices soar. As the SNCF reminds us, there are many advantages to buying tickets in advance. Travelers are assured of getting the best prices, the most comfortable schedules and “traveling together when you are in a group”.

All major lines concerned

These sales come after an average rate increase of 5% applied by the SNCF since January 10. The surge in prices can exceed these 5%, depending on the most requested routes and dates… such as the famous May weekends. This increase decided by the transport company aims to amortize the additional energy cost in 2023, estimated 13%. Only guarantee: holders of the Avantage card (49 euros for purchase) will always benefit from prices capped according to the distance at 39 euros, 59 euros and 79 euros, on the TGV iNOUI and Intercités.

In detail, what routes are open for booking? All TGV Inoui and Intercités connections until May 31 as well as Ouigo until July 7. TER transport are also concerned for the next three, four or five months depending on the region.

But these offers are not limited to Franco-French lines. The sale also concerns the TGV Inoui in the direction of Brussels for the next four months as well as the TGV to Spain, Germany (DB-SNCF), Switzerland (Lyria) and Italy for the next six months, which includes the beginning of July.

If you wish to travel within the next four months to Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany, tickets on the Thalys network will be on sale.

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